Confrontation Self-Instructions

Confrontation Self-Instructions are the messages we address ourselves before, during and after certain situations that entail an important challenge or test. This messages have a great influence on the way we deal with these situations and on our level of anxiety.


“The Interview”

You have to take a very important exam or job interview. Reflect and answer these questions:

What do I think before?________________    That makes me feel:___________

What do I think during?_______________  That makes me feel:___________

What do I think when I finish? ___________ That makes me feel: ___________

It’s quite common to have thoughts of type “everything will go wrong”, “I have not prepared myself well, it will be a disaster”, “I will fail”, etc. These thoughts are accompanied by feelings of anxiety, anger, fear, frustration…

Now in the same situation try to “design” thoughts that instead of undermining your self-esteem make you feel confident in yourself. Self-instructions must be credible one hundred percent. For example:

What do I think before? I will do my best, I’m going to make a great effort.

That makes me feel:___________

What do I think during? I am doing my best, I am doing the breathing exercises as I had decided.

That makes me feel:___________

What do I think at the end? I have done my best, I will learn from my mistakes for the next time.

 That makes me feel:___________

What have I learned with this exercise?

If you think your thoughts “trigger” your anxiety too many times, take the Anxiety Test.

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