Vocational Training

The offer of Vocational Training (VET) is very wide and covers most professional fields. It is organised into Professional Families. 

It is fundamental to take into account the choice of the professional Family since from the beginning of these studies the student is directed to a professional area.

The VET is structured in three cycles:


Training for the incorporation into the world of work of students who do not pass the ESO.

VET Intermediate Grade

Prepare for the exercise of a basic activity, with the ability to use the corresponding tools and techniques.

  • The title of Technician is obtained. For example: Cooking and Gastronomy, Microinformatics Systems and Networks, Administrative Management, Health Emergencies, Electromechanical Maintenance, Care for dependent persons, Mechanized,…
  • It can be accessed from: the Secondary School Graduate, Basic Vocational Training or through an entrance exam (over 17 years old).

VET Superior Grade

They offer the knowledge and skills of an intermediate technician, capable of exercising coordination and work programming responsibilities.

  • The degree of Superior Technician is obtained. For example: Administration and Finance, Renewable Energies, Travel Agencies and event management, Image for diagnosis and nuclear medicine, Social Integration, Integral aesthetics and well-being, 3D animation, Games and interactive environments, Development of multiplatform applications,…
  • It is accessed directly from Bachiller (there are preferential options for each cycle) or Ciclo de Grado Medio (preference is given to those from the same professional family). It can also be accessed through a test: over 18 years old with the Intermediate Degree or 19 years old without a degree (the years must be completed in the calendar year).
  • From the Higher Grade Cycle you can access the University directly without having to take the University Entrance Tests (PAU or selectivity), but in order to obtain a grade higher than 10 you will have to do the Voluntary Phase of the PAU.

More information

You can consult the entire offer on the official website of the Ministry of Education: http://www.todofp.es/inicio.html


If you have doubts about your future do the Vocational Guidance Test, which offers you a diagnosis of the area that best suits your interests and personal characteristics. You will obtain a report with the most suitable orientation for you. 

Decide the best path for your future

If you have doubts about your future, take the Vocational Guidance Test, which analyses the area that best suits your interests and personal characteristics. You will obtain a report with the most suitable orientation for you.