Prevent anxiety


“Healthy weeks”

The objective of this exercise is that your weeks are full of healthy and preventive activities against anxiety.

Review the following activity lists and choose 7 for this week. 

Start with those that are easier for you and try to make them habitual in your way of life. Each week incorporates 2 or 3 more activities. 

  1. Get enough rest and sleep well, at least 8 hours.
  2. Eat healthy, avoiding caffeine, drugs and alcohol.
  3. Chat with a friend.
  4. Hug a trustworthy person.
  5. Exercise: walking, running, rollerblading, swimming or cycling.
  6. Playing sports with company: tennis, soccer, basketball…
  7. Practicing yoga or pilates. 
  8. Do recreational activities that you like: draw, read, fish, walk, etc.
  9. Make a list of things that make you feel lucky.
  10.  A relaxing massage.
  11.  Watch a comedy.
  12.  Go out to enjoy nature.
  13.  Do some altruistic activity that makes you feel good.
  14.  Dance.
  15.  Practice sex, alone or accompanied.
  16.  Laugh.
  17.  Play with your pet.
  18.  Stop following your ex on social media.
  19.  Modify aspects of working conditions.
  20. (Add other similar activities that you think are positive for you)

In addition to these activities it’s also convenient to train to face anxiety.

To know more, to know how anxiety works in order to face it better

Our attitudes, our way of thinking, our beliefs, our way of dealing with conflicts,… condition our cortisol level and our anxiety.

Knowing, preventing and coping with anxiety.