Study Techniques Sup Test (Bachiller and University)

Can you get more out of your effort?

Aimed at students of Bachiller, Superior Vocational Training and University (over 18 or over 16 supervised by their parents or teachers).

The Study Techniques Sup Test helps you reflect on yourself and get to know yourself better as a student. Analyze your motivation, your strategies and the way you approach the study. The Test is indicative, has no clinical diagnostic value. 

The results indicate

  • An indicative approximation of the grade that you would obtain based on your answers.
  • The aspects you should review.
  • Custom orientations of how to improve in each aspect.

In addition to the overall score the Test offers you a detailed report on:

  1. You and your conditions: Personal situation (health, emotional, family, etc.), previous academic results, intellectual aptitudes, effort capacity, perseverance and discipline, anxiety, food and sleep, cannabis or alcohol use, family support.
  2. Your motivation and objectives: why do you study, degree of interest, priorities, coping with frustration, objective for the course, degree of achievement of your objectives.
  3. Your strategies: use of classes, planning, organization, follow-up of subjects, work, exam preparation, request for help, concentration, written expression.
  4. Your self-assessment: satisfaction with performance, study coping, choice of studies, ability to change, future projection.

How to get the results?

This Test is free of charge.

You can see your results by clicking Send at the end of the Test.


Your results will be displayed on your device screen. If you want to keep them you  must print them out (on paper or saving as a pdf) or take a photo of them. We do not keep a copy of your results.

We do not ask you for any personal data and we do not keep a copy of your results.

Please think carefully about each answer. Answer all questions honestly thinking about the last 6 months.

At the end of the test, follow the instructions next to the Send button.