Enjoying life

The objective of this section is to be more competent when it comes to generate positive emotions voluntarily and consciously and to adopt appropriate behaviors that allow us to face life’s challenges in a better way.

How to do it? We propose several exercises:


“The traffic light”

Assign one or several positive and healthy emotions to green colour and other maladaptive and unhealthy to red colour. Leave the orange for those emotions that you are still processing or that you are not sure how to value.

Think about yesterday and fill in this table:

Time slot

Emotions  – Color

8 -9.- Wake up and breakfast
9 – 14.- Work
14 – 15.- Lunch with…
15 – 18.- Work
18 – 19.- Housework
19 – 21.- Going for a run with…
21 – 23.- Dinner and sofa

“Good practices “

Here are a series of suggestions, all essential. Review them carefully. Rate your current personal situation and decide where to start.

Choose one every week, specify the action you are going to start and get going. When you consider that you can expand your goals, choose another one and so on and so forth.

Make an action proposal for each one:

  1. Work to have a positive image of yourself. Actions: ________
  2. Self-motivated and emotionally involved in personal, social activities, etc., is essential to give meaning to life. Actions: ________
  3. Perceive me with the capacity to feel like desire and generate the emotions that I need. Actions: ________
  4. Decide to adopt a positive attitude towards life. Be optimistic, do not fall into apathy, despair or depression in face of adversity. Actions: ________
  5. Set adaptive objectives, positive and realistic, short term and long term. Actions: ________
  6. Develop personal mechanisms to make decisions without delay. Actions: ________
  7. Foster hope: “the belief that one has the will and has the way to carry out their objectives, whatever they may be.” Actions: ________ 
  8. Do not give up in the face of difficulties, avoid defeatism or depression when I stumble or have emotional tensions. Actions: ________
  9. Identify the need for support and ask for help. Actions: ________
  10. Enjoy consciously of well-being (emotional, subjective, personal, psychological) and try to transmit it to the people with whom I interact. Adopt an attitude favorable to welfare. Actions: ________

“I have a VOUCHER”

Every day upon waking, think that you have a credit of 24 “coupons” of one hour. You can choose green, orange and red “vouchers” (as in the “Traffic light” exercise).  

You decide what “vouchers” you choose and what you are going to invest them in. Try to make a specific planning of the cost of every “voucher”.


“Every day”

Every day, at the end of the day, write down five small or big good things that made you feel good:





5.- ___________

“The first step in this emotional work is to become aware of what you are feeling. A later step will involve assessing whether what you are feeling is a healthy central emotion or not, and then deciding whether to let yourself be guided by it. ”

L. Greenberg

Do you know your own emotions?

Get to know yourself better to build new ways of perceiving, feeling and acting.

Being able to generate positive emotions to better face life’s challenges.