Problematic Cannabis Use Test (PCU)

Evaluate if your cannabis use is problematic

The Test offers you an assessment of your cannabis use, indicating whether it is problematic or not, but has no clinical diagnostic value.

This Test is aimed exclusively at adults  (18 years) who use it under their sole responsibility.

It assesses aspects related to: your type of consumption, your family history, the consequences that consumption has in your life and in your mental health, your position with respect to your consumption...

If your results indicate that your consumption is problematic, we propose an action plan that can help you to avoid problematic consumption.

The results indicate

  • Your consumption is not Problematic.
  • Your consumption Is Problematic.
  • Your Consumption Is Problematic.


Answer all questions honestly thinking about the last 6 months.

You can see your results by clicking Send at the end of the Test.

IMPORTANT: Your results will be displayed on your device screen. If you want to keep them you must print them out (on paper or saving as a pdf) or take a photo of them. We do not keep a copy of your results.