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The website is dedicated to offering informative content on topics related to educational guidance and psychology.  It is aimed at psychology professionals and the general public.

The contents related to Educational Guidance are aimed at students over 14 years old, preferably under the supervision of their parents, tutors, or those responsible for the Guidance department.

The contents related to Psychology are of an informative, formative and orientative nature. All these contents are exclusively addressed to adults (18 years old) who use them under their own responsibility. (and is exempt from any responsibility derived from the improper access and/or use of the website.

3.- TEST:

All tests offered on the website are for guidance only and have no clinical diagnostic validity. Some Tests are free of charge and others are paid. The use of any Test is the responsibility of the user. The website is not responsible in any case for the consequences derived from the use of the Tests or their results.

All Tests are performed anonymously and the website does not store any personal data or results.

The procedure to be followed by the user is as follows: 

  • Answer the questions of the chosen test.
  • Pay the price in the case of the Payment Test (online or with a Discount Code).
  • Press send: by pressing send you accept all the terms of use, the privacy policy and the cookies.
  • The results will be displayed on your device screen.
  • If you want to keep them you must download them, print them or take a photo.
  • The website deletes the answers. 


A valid payment method, including credit card payment, is required to process your purchase. Payment will be made using PayPal.

You must provide correct and complete billing information to PayPal, which is solely responsible for processing this information.


According to the common use of the Internet and social networks, the owners allow users to share links to this website as long as this activity is done on a non-profit basis; and in accordance with the rules of good use, good faith and good habits generally accepted by Internet users and current legislation. In case of doubt, you can contact us. 

However, the fact that the website is shared in profiles or pages of third parties does not imply that the owners have any relationship of trust with them and therefore is not responsible for the content of third parties.

The owners reserve the right to demand the removal of the shared link by a third party if one of the above terms is not met.


The user who accesses the website will make correct use of it and its contents; according to these conditions and the regulations in force.

We want to emphasize the commitment of the user not to carry out any abusive act that has the objective of causing damage and/or saturation of the website; so that it cannot be used as it is supposed to be used.

On the other hand, the owners are not responsible for the damages that the action of third parties may cause to the user (nor to their software or hardware). For example, and without pretending to be exhaustive, we refer to the introduction of viruses or any other type of malware; attacks on computer systems; or incidents related to data connectivity. In any case, once the incidence or malicious action of third parties has been detected, the holders undertake to mitigate and/or eliminate the risk or threat as soon as possible; with the intention of affecting the least possible number of users.

In the information of third parties, the user is fully responsible for the use made of this information and must take into account the existence of legislation on Protection of Personal Data and Intellectual Property, as well as any other regulations in force.

Your use of this website is under your own responsibility. The Website will not be responsible, under any circumstances, for the damages derived from the use of the website, nor for any action carried out on the basis of the information provided therein, nor for the unauthorized access by minors to the restricted contents. 

Under no circumstances are the owners liable for damages that may be caused to third parties due to the inappropriate use of the website by users.

On the other hand, if the owners detect that the user does not comply with the conditions or any other applicable regulation, the owners reserve the right to restrict, suspend and/or block the user’s access to the website; adopting for this purpose the technical measures they consider necessary.

Finally, if the owners suffer any loss or damage due to a user’s activity, the latter must be responsible for the compensation established by the Courts for this purpose.

In any case, the website is not responsible for the information provided by independent third parties. 


The owners make an effort to make the website available and accessible. In this way, the intention is to keep the contents of the website updated. However, the owners cannot guarantee the availability and continuity of access to the website, nor the absence of errors in its contents; nor the fact that the latter are updated in a timely manner.


All intellectual property rights, designs, databases, underlying software (including source codes), as well as the various elements that make up the website (text, graphics, photographs, videos, sound recordings, colour combinations, etc.) [“Content”]; as well as its structure, selection and arrangement, are the property of the owners or their licensors, if any. 

The photographs/images used have been compiled from and as indicated on that website are free to use. The intellectual property belongs to the authors of these photos.

As for the distinctive signs included on the website (trademarks and trade names), they are the property of the owners or their licensors.

The use of the website by the user does not imply the transfer of any intellectual and/or industrial property rights over the website and its contents.

It is prohibited to reproduce, transform, distribute, make available, extract and/or any other form of dissemination not expressly authorized of the website, its contents and/or the distinctive signs of the owners.

Any use of content contrary to these conditions could lead to the initiation of legal action if necessary; as well as the claim of responsibilities that are considered relevant.


These conditions are mainly adapted to Spanish and European legislation; and should be interpreted on that basis.

The disputes that may arise between the owners and users of the website will be resolved in the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia; except in matters of consumer protection, which will govern the domicile of the latter.


The owners of this website are: Maria del Mar Albiol Pellicer

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Last updated: 20 December 2019


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