If your PCU TEST result is Problem Consumption or Serious Problem Consumption, we recommend that you develop Your Plan.

First, think about your own experience and answer the four questions below. Your answers tell you if you are at the right time to start Your Plan. They are very important.

  1. Are you aware that you have a problematic consumption? 
    • Yes – Go ahead, you have already taken the first step, a relevant step.
    • No. – It will be difficult for you to make the effort that is going to involve changing your type of consumption because you do not consider you have a problem.
  2. Do you want to stop having a problematic consumption?
    • Yes – This is the most important decision.
    • No. – If you don’t really want to, it will be very difficult for you to stop having a problematic consumption. We advise you to reflect on this decision. 
  3. What is stopping you from having a problematic consumption?   
    • Think about everything that prevents you from quitting, write it down in a detailed notebook. 
  4. What do you think would make it possible for you to stop having a problematic consumption?
    • Look for possible solutions to overcome the list of obstacles in the previous question and put them into action.
    • Look for any idea, person,… that helps you maintain and reinforce your motivation.

“If this is your moment… start today.”

Your plan is based on:

  1. What you want to achieve, what your specific objectives are.
  2. How you are going to do it, what actions you can do.
  3. What concrete actions you are going to do this week and how you are going to do them.
  4. How you feel throughout the week.
  5. How you value your effort.

Do you control it?

If you want to know if your cannabis use is problematic, take the Test.