Vocational Guidance Test

Decide the best path for your future

If you have any doubts, take the Vocational Orientation Test, which offers you a diagnosis of the area that best suits your interests and personal characteristics.

The Test is aimed at adults and students over 14 years of age, preferably accompanied by their parents, teachers or heads of the Guidance Department. 

The results indicate

  • If you have enough knowledge of professional areas to make a decision about your future or if you need more information or advice.
  • If your motivation for your current studies is adequate or if you need to rethink your situation.
  • If you have good strategies for coping with study in order to successfully pursue university studies or you need to improve some important aspects.
  • The level of congruence of the overall responses. If the level of congruence is not adequate, you will not get a concrete result.
  • The professional area best suited to your personal characteristics and professional interests.

How to get the results?

This Test is free of charge.

You can see your results by clicking Send at the end of the Test.


Your results will be displayed on your device screen. If you want to keep them you  must print them out (on paper or saving as a pdf) or take a photo of them. We do not keep a copy of your results.

We do not ask you for any personal data and we do not keep a copy of your results.

Please think carefully about each answer. Answer all questions honestly thinking about the last 6 months.

At the end of the test, follow the instructions next to the Send button.