How am I going to do it?

You’ve made the decision to stop having Problematic Cannabis Use. You have decided What you want to do. We congratulate you on it and encourage you to continue. Now let’s see How you’re going to do it.

Repeat that it’s your decision and they’re your goals.

Those objectives that you have set in the previous step must have a proposal for action that you can concretize and change day by day.

At times you may have doubts and it may be difficult to go ahead with Your Plan, it is normal. Think that you will have to overcome some situations that will require your determination and willpower. Be aware that in some moments you will not get it, but in many others yes, and it is the end that counts.

Remember that it is fundamental that you propose attainable goals and actions that you can carry out with a moderate effort. Here you can see some ideas you can do today, choose some and get going: Translated with

Here you can see some ideas you can do today, choose some and get going:

  • think positively: “I want to stop having problematic consumption”
  • focus on today, yesterday is past and tomorrow is to come, look for activities and focus your effort on today,
  • do activities that make consumption impossible: gym, running, attending classes, places where smoking is not allowed,…
  • plan pleasant activities that distract you from the desire to consume,
  • avoids situations of risk of consumption,
  • do moderate exercise,
  • drinks a lot of water, juices, etc,
  • have an answer ready for when you are offered to consume and you want to say NO,
  • determines a series of automatic actions to do when you feel like consuming a lot: running, walking the dog, playing something fun, taking a shower, calling a friend, eating gum, and so on.
  • decide not to consume anything if you are going to drive a car or motorbike, 
  • decide not to drive if you’ve used,
  • decides not to smoke cannabis before noon,
  • decides not to smoke cannabis alone,
  • decide to reduce your consumption by 20%: go to consumption control,
  • spends time with people who don’t smoke,
  • spends time with people you can’t smoke with,
  • visit your parents or other family members,
  • do some activity that improves your relationship, 
  • organize your agenda in your work/study,
  • follow the guidelines of your agenda of actions and objectives,
  • spend 20 minutes exercising to improve your self-esteem,
  • do an exercise that will help you manage your anxiety,
  • become strong in your “because I decide” decision,
  • completes some exercise in emotional intelligence,
  • make your achievements public: “every day I make it I’ll tell……” (external reinforcement),
  • congratulate yourself on your effort: “I’m great”,
  • use reminders on your mobile: phrases or photos that cheer you up,
  • motivate yourself to do something different every day,
  • ask your family, partner, friends for help,
  • ask for psychological/psychiatric help,
  • write down each day one of the advantages of having no more problematic consumption and focus on remembering it every hour,
  • any other idea that you think might help you.

To concretize and organize your effort, we propose you to use the Weekly plan which we present to you on the next page.

Do you control it?

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