Study Techniques Test


Evaluate your Study Techniques

Free Test aimed at students of Compulsory Secondary Education over 14 years old, preferably accompanied by their teachers or relatives.

More than 64,000 E.S.O. students have used this test in recent years to improve their academic performance.  

Evaluate aspects related to your way of studying, how: 

  • study conditions,
  • time organization,
  • study strategies,
  • attitude in class,
  • exams,
  • motivation.

The results indicate

The results tell you what your study techniques are like. If they are adequate, if with a little more effort you could improve or if you need to change a lot of things.



Answer all questions honestly thinking about the last 6 months.

You can see your results by clicking Send at the end of the Test.

IMPORTANT: Your results will be displayed on your device screen. If you want to keep them you must print them out (on paper or saving as a pdf) or take a photo of them. We do not keep a copy of your results.