Other studies

There are other interesting alternatives you can choose from. They may be less well known, but they may be what you’re looking for. Here we show you the ones that have official recognition by the Ministry of Education:

Superior Artistic Teachings:

  • Music and Dance.
  • Dramatic Art.
  • Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage.
  • Superior Studies of Design:
    • of Interiors
    • Graphic
    • of Products
    • of Fashion
  • Superior studies in Plastic Arts, Ceramics and Glass.

Superior Level Sports Education: Athletics, Basketball, Handball, Winter Sports, Football and Futsal, Equestrian, Judo, Mountain and Climbing, Rescue and EMS and Sailing.

Language Teaching: The Official Language Schools teach European languages, co-official languages in Spain and other languages such as Arabic, Chinese or Japanese. 

You will find detailed information on the website of the Ministry of Education: www.educacionyfp.gob.es


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