Facing anxiety

Healthy and therapeutic activities to deal with anxiety:

  1. Know more, learn how anxiety works to cope better: 
    1. Choosing reliable and professional sources of information on the Internet. 
    2. Avoiding false therapists and other people’s experiences blogs since they are not the most appropriate.
    3. Participating in courses or seminars.
    4. Reading serious and recognized self-help books.
    5. Talking to people who have overcome situations similar to yours.
  2. Find the cause of your anxiety and try to modify the situation that causes it, and if that is not possible, find a way to adapt as well as possible to that situation.
  3. Identify cognitive aspects and beliefs that may be the cause of your anxiety and review them.Identify cognitive aspects and beliefs that may be the cause of your anxiety and review them. On this website you will find content and exercises that can help you.
  4. Accept that you are suffering from anxiety and understand that anxiety is a state that is happening to you now, but it is not a feature of your personality: “I feel anxious” is not the same as “I am anxious.”
  5. Reflect on, understand and modify avoidance attitudes that reinforce anxiety.
  6. Identify your emotions and be aware of them: review the exercises you will find on this website in Emotional Intelligence.
  7. Work your emotional memories.
  8. Review the way you value yourself: do the exercises you will find on this website in Self-Esteem.
  9. Release tension: cry consciously, vent by talking with a friend, do specific exercise to release tension, …
  10. Reduce tension and distress: 
    1. do breathing exercises
    2. do relaxation exercises,
    3. do distraction-concentration exercises,
    4. repeat a sentence that relaxes you.
  11. Write your feelings and your worries and then review them.
  12. Ask for help from trusted people.
  13. Do not try to deal with anxiety only with medication.
  14. Follow a therapy with professionals in psychology and/or psychiatry. 

Do you know that Avoidance reinforces anxiety?

To know more, to know how anxiety works in order to face it better

Our attitudes, our way of thinking, our beliefs, our way of dealing with conflicts,… condition our cortisol level and our anxiety.

Knowing, preventing and coping with anxiety.