Psychological Abuse Test

Assess if your relationship is psychologically abused

If you think you may be suffering psychological abuse or have doubts about whether your relationship is healthy, loving and based on respect, take the Test. 

The test is aimed at people over the age of 18 who take it under their own responsibility. It has no clinical diagnostic value, but it will help you make your decisions to avoid living in a toxic and abusive relationship.

The results indicate

The Test offers a Global Assessment and a Partial Assessment for each of the six aspects assessed:

  • Valuation and respect.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Ostentation of power.
  • Family and social relations.
  • Warning signs.
  • Domination, subjugation.

The Test offers 4 possible outcomes:

  • Relationship healthy, loving and based on respect. 
  • Reflect on your relationship. It is convenient to modify some things.
  • You need to change enough things for your relationship to be healthy. Seek help, talk to your family and friends.
  • Be alert. Your relationship can be toxic and abusive. Seek help as soon as possible. Talk to your family and friends.

How to get the results?

  • This Test is free of charge.

    You can see your results by clicking Send at the end of the Test.


Your results will be displayed on your device screen. If you want to keep them you  must print them out (on paper or saving as a pdf) or take a photo of them. We do not keep a copy of your results.

We do not ask you for any personal data and we do not keep a copy of your results.

Please think carefully about each answer. Answer all questions honestly thinking about the last 6 months.