Time organization

To improve performance we have to organize ourselves, but we are not all the same nor do we have the same circumstances nor the same objectives.

The organization of time is usually one of the most common problems in students of Bachiller, VET Superior Degree and University.

To prepare some Public Examinations, the organization of time must be considered as a work schedule that must be fulfilled and must be planned well in advance.

Below you will find the system we propose, which is part of what has been explained in the previous sections.


  • What overall grade goal you have for this course.
  • What partial grade objective do you have for each subject.
  • How much time you will need to devote each week to each subject to achieve your goals.
  • What times (specific days and hours) are you going to devote to the study. In those times the study will be the priority, therefore think your decision well.
  • Does it fit? Well, if so, design your model week.


University: it must be done based on the distribution of class hours and practices and the number of credits for each subject.

One option is to dedicate each day of the week to a subject, making a review of the work done during the last seven days in an exhaustive manner. In this way, you can take all the subjects up to date.

Bachiller / VET Superior Degrees: from the class schedule, it is convenient to spend 10/15 minutes every day to review what has been done during each class, reading the subject explained by the teacher, reviewing the exercises worked… Next, do the work or exercises.

In addition to the daily work, it is convenient to dedicate time to make a weekly review of the contents that have been worked during the week and that will serve us for the preparation of the exams, and the preparation of works, projects, etc.

All: the study schedule for exams must be established, always starting from the date of completion (or delivery of the work) and realistically assessing the time needed to prepare them well.


“Create your schedule”

Design your schedule and try to follow it for two weeks. Write down what you really do every day, that will let you know if what you had proposed is adequate and your degree of compliance.

Think about it and modify the schedule if you consider it convenient.

If you have questions about how to organize, consult the study session.

Do you want to get more out of your effort?

Take the test, assess, decide and take action:

  • You and your conditions. 
  • Your motivation and your goals.
  • Your strategies to face the study. 
  • Your self-assessment and your way of facing the results.