psychological abuse

What to do in case of suffering psychological abuse?

If you think you are suffering from psychological abuse and the results of the Psychological Abuse Test have helped you to confirm your doubts, do not hesitate, act.

Look for support. Talk to the closest people you trust so they can tell you their opinions honestly.

Think that you are very important, more than your relationship.

Recognizing abuse is only the first step.

It’s normal that now you do not feel able to leave the relationship, that you think that “you cannot live without him/her”, that you feel insecure at the time of facing the situation and moving away from who mistreats you.

That is why it’s very important:

  • think about yourself,
  • see how you can modify the situations, behaviors and thoughts that prevent you from leaving this relationship that doesn’t make you feel good,
  • learn from the experience for not falling back into the same situation with a new partner.

Act. Follow the 10 steps:

STEP 1.– Don’t feel bad about having reached this situation, it’s not your fault.

STEP 2.- Everyone has the right to be treated well and feel good in our relationships. Repeat it as often as you need to remember.

STEP 3.- Do not expect your partner to change, he will not.

STEP 4.– Get away from him/her. Do not let him/her approach you. Cut all relationships both physically and in social networks.

STEP 5.- At first it will be very painful, but it is necessary. Assume that at first you will feel pain, but it will be the step towards your liberation and well-being.

STEP 6.- Talk to a trusted friend to support and accompany you, it will help you overcome it, to regain confidence in you and to be aware of your inner strength.

STEP 7.- Focus on your own personal change. It’s a long and slow process, but it’s necessary and worthwhile.

STEP 8.– Keep a close contact, daily, with your family or with a friend, tell them everything you feel, your fears, your sadness,… If necessary, move to live with a family member or friend. You will need company and support.

STEP 9.- If you cannot cope with the situation ask for professional help. There are associations, psychologists, and other types of institutions and professionals that can help you.

STEP 10.- If you fear reprisals, ask your family for help and/or go to the police.

Don’t wait more. Start acting right now.

It’s about your well-being and happiness.

Recognize yourself and congratulate yourself on every achievement, however small, because you deserve it for your effort.

You will feel better about yourself and you can start new relationships that will make you feel good.

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