psychological abuse

Are you a victim of psychological violence?

Sometimes those who suffer abuse are not aware, or do not want to be aware, that they suffer psychological violence. However, the people closest to you are often aware of what is going on.

Accepting that we are victims of psychological abuse by the person we love is an enormous anguish that is not easy to accept or “digest”.

This is why we learn to deny violence, hurtful phrases and behaviors that make us feel bad, and we often justify all this by wanting to think, as it transmits to us, that it does so because it loves us and knows what is best for us.

If you do things that you don’t want to do, and you can’t avoid doing them because you panic about the possible consequences (the abandonment, the quarrels “because of you”, the break-up of the couple), you already have a very clear indication that you can be a victim of psychological violence.

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If your score is high keep reading the following article: What to do?

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If you think you may be suffering psychological abuse…

Or if you have doubts about whether your relationship is healthy, loving and based on respect, take the Test.  It will help you decide if you need to act to change some things and avoid that it can be toxic and abusive.